The Authentication Board

After Franz West’s death, the Archiv Franz West (AFW) set up an Authentication Board to answer inquiries about the authenticity of works attributed to the artist. It is made up of experts with proven knowledge of Franz West’s oeuvre.

The Authentication Board meets at irregular intervals as needed. Where possible, the works to be authenticated are to be present in the original at these meetings.

Please address all authentication inquiries concerning works attributed to Franz West to enclosing photographs and as many details as possible on the piece and its provenance.

Before any work is considered, the Terms and Conditions for Archival Statements by the AFW must be signed by the work’s owners.

A fee currently amounting to €440 plus VAT per artwork is charged for the processing of inquiries and must be paid prior to each work’s examination by the expert panel.

Determining the authenticity of works attributed to Franz West not only requires profound knowledge of the artist’s oeuvre but must also be rooted in a nuanced understanding of his unique concept of artwork and authorship. This is elucidated in a detailed essay here, which simultaneously provides an overview of West’s oeuvre. The essay also explains how it came to light that fakes of works by Franz West (especially those created before 1985) are in circulation.

This comprehensive text is divided into several subchapters to cover the many aspects of this complex topic and simultaneously enable selective reading.

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